Blissed Usui Reiki Rituals

In my bodywork practice, I use Reiki daily & as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, I founded and  hosted the free or low cost Vancouver Reiki Circle for many years in Vancouver  WA. My lineage descends directly from the elders through Frank Arjava Petter, renowned Reiki historian and author of Reiki Fire. My direct Reiki Master Teacher is Brenda Carolan, gifted Portland healer and artist.

Currently, I offer Reiki attunements/initiations & degree classes on an individual basis at my downtown Vancouver boutique-style office. My goal is to help you live a more Blissed life with high-quality, in-person only Reiki training. What I offer is a personalized ritual experience in a sacred setting, not a quickie, impersonal online "degree."

Want to learn Reiki to help yourself and others in a totally individual,

personalized ritual setting?

I can help with that.

What is Reiki ?

(Pronounced “RAY-key”) It is a gentle healing art originating in  early 20th century Japan with Mikao Usui, who studied Buddhist healing arts and world traditions;  its name means “Universal Life Energy.” Reiki is a form of “laying on of hands” and it is so gentle, it can be used on  anyone and everyone no matter the health condition. In fact, it is often used in hospitals, surgical floors, and in hospice to bring pain relief, relaxation, and healing. 

Reiki is non-denominational; it is not affiliated with any religion and practitioners span all world traditions. Reiki can do no harm - you get just what you need from it. Reiki can be used in bodywork sessions for humans & animals and can also be sent for long-distance healings to people, animals, or events/situations.  Reiki can be used for removing negativity from spaces that have had any bad energy in them: such as a new home, a place of trauma, after a fight, etc. Reiki neutralizes the negativity and enhances protection and positivity. Learning Reiki can greatly change your life for the better and take you from surviving to thriving.

The Blissed Usui Reiki degree system

has 4 levels: 

(This is different from the Western 3-degree systems and is more in line with the original 7-10 level Japanese system.)


First Degree (personal healing/channeling energy)  

Second Degree (use of Reiki symbols & long-distance healing techniques) -most people stop here.

Master Degree (Master symbol & advanced techniques) 

Teacher Training (For those called to teach and perform attunements/initiations.) 

Continuing Education Credits for LMT’s!

Each level is 6-8 CEU’s for in-person class time.

You are responsible for confirming if your state or association accepts Reiki as Continuing Education.

Ready to learn, be Blissed, and thrive?

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Please note: As a white, female American, I have worked diligently to learn the history and stay true to the original intent and focus of Reiki, striving hard to not be a participant in cultural appropriation.  (I also wholeheartedly stand with Asian-Americans, Native Americans, and Black Americans  against racism.) While I think that the world needs more energy workers, I do not do online or large group Reiki degrees or attunementsI feel this dilutes the transmission and dishonors the original intent of Reiki, which was to pass on the information and energy from person to person, in person. I prefer to focus on quality relationships with my students over quantity of initiates. Hence, my prices reflect this philosophy, the value of my time, and my decades of training and background. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I am devoted to those that I initiate on their Reiki journey! If this aligns with you, please contact me.


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