Usui Reiki

In my massage practice, I use Reiki daily & as an Usui Master Teacher, I offer Reiki atunements & degree workshops, both individually & in a small group class setting.

Want to learn Reiki to help yourself & others? I can help with that.

Continuing Education Credits for LMT’s!

Each level is 6-8 CEU’s.

You are responsible for confirming if your state or association accepts Reiki as Continuing Education.

(Pronounced “RAY-key”) It is a gentle healing art originating in  early 20th century Japan with Mikao Usui, who studied Buddhist healing arts & world traditions;  its name means “Universal Life Energy.” Reiki is a form of “laying on of hands” and it is so gentle, it can be used on  anyone & everyone no matter the health condition, and in fact is often used in hospitals, surgical floors, and in hospice to bring pain relief, relaxation, & healing. 

Reiki is non-denominational & can do no wrong - you get just what you need from it. Reiki can be used in bodywork sessions for humans & animals and can also be sent for long-distance healings to people, animals, or events/situations.  Reiki can be used for removing negativity from spaces that have had any bad energy in them: such as a new home, a place of trauma, after a fight, etc. Reiki neutralizes the negativity and enhances protection and positivity.

The Usui Reiki degree system has 4 levels in my lineage: 

First (personal/channeling) , 

Second (symbols & long-distance), 

Master (Master symbol & advanced techniques), 

& Teacher Training (needed to teach.) 

Group workshops are offered several times a year & individual/private sessions can be arranged.

Plus I fascilitate the Vancouver Reiki Circle once a month.

Upcoming Circle Dates:

June 9, 2019

July 14, 2019


For years, Circle has been free, and due to problems with rsvp'ing and not knowing who is coming for sure or not, I am considering a ticket sign-up for a nominal fee. This would also help be cover costs of supplies & advertising/promotions.and let me know who is attending.


Please check the Facebook event, especially in winter, in case of inclement weather that requires us to cancel for the safety of everyone. Last minute announcements are there.

Also, PLEASE RSVP on Facebook, as space is limited to 10 people max, & attend if you do rsvp. Someone else may want/need your spot.

The closest entrance is the main entrance on the north side by visitor parking. The outside doors are often locked on weekends. Someone will be at that door until 2:05 pm. After that, the doors may be locked and that is beyond my control. So please *be early* and text me if you have my cell number if you get lost. 

(Once you’ve been here, it won't seem that complicated!)  

Come up the central stairs to the second floor, Suite 213.


Curious about Reiki? New to Reiki? Degreed or even a Master in Reiki? This is the perfect event for you to learn about Reiki & meet other Reiki practitioners! Come join us to network with & support each other, give each other a little Reiki, & share our love of this wonderful non-denominational healing art! New topics for discussion & guided meditations will be added each month.


Some floor pillows & a couple chairs are provided. Please bring yourself, pillows/blankets/or a small folding chair if needed, & water bottle. Tea & water are available. A Reiki/Healing altar will be set up as well, so you may bring something to contribute for that - you get to take it home with you, full of Reiki energy. Singing bowls & other healing sounds & tools are welcomed with glee!


My Office

The Providence Academy

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