Blissed Academy Signature Course

TMJ, Trauma, and Yoga: Transforming TMJD
with Trauma-Informed Yoga, Bodywork, and Mindfulness

Become aware, Connect to the TMJ in ways you never knew existed. Heal holistically.

Over 25 years in development!

Does your jaw click, pop, or lock? Know someone whose jaw does? Suffer from headaches/migraines? Are you a yoga teacher, bodyworker, or mental health professional who works with trauma survivors with jaw problems? Ever hear "Relax your jaw" in a yoga or mindfulness class and wondered why or even how?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, this course is perfect for you! You will learn a solid anatomical background of the TMJ, what influences it, how it functions or dysfunctions, and holistic ways to heal it in a trauma-informed format.


Also included is video of 75 minutes of yoga therapy exercises and stretches, broken down into parts, specifically for the TMJ and people who deal with TMJD. Can be done as an entire practice, or you can jump to the parts you prefer.

I can’t recommend this workshop enough!!

So amazing, so relevant, and so very enlightening.

Thank you for bringing this to the Yoga for Trauma community!"

Lisa Danylchuk, LMFT, E-RYT

Founder of The Center for Yoga and Trauma Recovery

Author of Yoga for Trauma Recovery

My Journey with TMJD

As an active and not-so-graceful kid despite dance classes, I had many injuries: broken arm at 4, lots of falls and scrapes, twisted ankles, horrible growing pains from flat feet, hit by a car while riding my bike, a back dive into the pool gone wrong, a minor car accident as a teen, emotional trauma from multiple issues, afraid to speak up...


When I started massage therapy school in 1994, my jaw popped twice on the left and 3 times on the right, as it appeared to unhinge like a snake, just when I opened my mouth. Then it would reverse in a zigzag closing. I hated eating in front of people.  I had horrible frequent headaches and I remember days when my jaw would lock and I couldn't open my mouth, only able to take nourishment through a straw. Often I'd just not eat and had digestive issues too. I thought this was just part of adult life. After my first couple months of massage therapy school, I started what was supposed to be a year of dental therapy with a custom bite guard that was shaved down each week to reposition my jaw.

From surviving to thriving...

Enter a TMJ Craniosacral specialist to teach us a bit about the jaw and my entire massage class unanimously voted me for the demonstration. 60 minutes later my mouth guard did not fit. My dentist was amazed when I told him what I did. I knew then that I was meant to help others suffering from TMJD or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and started studying with the specialist who helped me right away. I received more treatments from him and was out of the daily wear of the mouth guard in 3 months instead of a year,.

And so started my fascination with this miraculous joint. I've since helped hundreds of clients (maybe thousands, I didn't count) to heal holistically from TMJD, I am certified as an Intra-oral therapist in WA, specialize in Craniosacral and Myofascial therapies, and am a Trauma-Informed Registered Yoga Teacher. I love to nerd out about anatomy, the jaw, the pelvis - they are connected, you know! - and believe that the sphenoid is the COOLEST bone in the body. I'd love to help you too! Find out more in the course.

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