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Blissed Academy Signature Course

TMJ, Trauma, and Yoga: Transforming TMJD
with Trauma-Informed Yoga, Bodywork, and Mindfulness

Become aware. Connect to the TMJ. Heal holistically.

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  • Does your jaw click, pop, or lock? Know someone whose jaw does? 

  • Suffer from headaches/migraines?

  • Are you a yoga teacher, bodyworker, or mental health professional who works with trauma survivors with jaw problems?

  • Ever hear "Relax your jaw" in a yoga or mindfulness class and wondered why or even how?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, this course is perfect for you! You will learn a solid anatomical background of the TMJ, what influences it, how it functions or dysfunctions, and holistic ways to heal it in a trauma-informed format.

Over 27+ years in development!

Included in this course:

  • Complete Teaching Presentation Slideshow to help you understand the TMJ

  • A 75-minute video of original yoga therapy exercises, stretches, meditations/affirmations, broken down into parts, specifically for the TMJ and people who deal with TMJD. Can be done as an entire practice, or you can jump to the parts you prefer.

  • Bonus material: 90 minute video of Bhrigha's online presentation and group discussion to the Yoga 4 Trauma Community hosted by Lisa Danylchuk,LMFT, E-RYT.

I can’t recommend this workshop enough!!

So amazing, so relevant, and so very enlightening.

Thank you for bringing this to the Yoga for Trauma community!"

Lisa Danylchuk, LMFT, E-RYT

Founder of The Center for Yoga and Trauma Recovery

Author of Yoga for Trauma Recovery

My Journey with TMJD

As an active and not-so-graceful kid despite dance classes, I had many injuries: broken arm at 4, lots of falls and scrapes, twisted ankles, horrible growing pains from flat feet, hit by a car while riding my bike, a back dive into the pool gone wrong, a minor car accident as a teen, emotional trauma from multiple issues, afraid to speak up...


When I started massage therapy school in 1994, my jaw popped twice on the left and 3 times on the right, as it appeared to unhinge like a snake, just when I opened my mouth. Then it would reverse in a zigzag closing. I hated eating in front of people.  I had horrible frequent headaches and I remember days when my jaw would lock and I couldn't open my mouth, only able to take nourishment through a straw. Often I'd just not eat and had digestive issues too. I thought this was just part of adult life. After my first couple months of massage therapy school, I started what was supposed to be a year of dental therapy with a custom bite guard that was shaved down each week to reposition my jaw.

From surviving to thriving...

Enter a TMJ Craniosacral specialist to teach us a bit about the jaw and my entire massage class unanimously voted me for the demonstration. 60 minutes later my mouth guard did not fit. My dentist was amazed when I told him what I did. I knew then that I was meant to help others suffering from TMJD or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and started studying with the specialist who helped me right away. I received more treatments from him and was out of the daily wear of the mouth guard in 3 months instead of a year,.

And so started my fascination with this miraculous joint. I've since helped hundreds of clients (maybe thousands, I didn't count) to heal holistically from TMJD, I am certified as an Intra-oral therapist in WA, specialize in Craniosacral and Myofascial therapies, and am a Trauma-Informed Registered Yoga Teacher. I love to nerd out about anatomy, the jaw, the pelvis - they are connected, you know! - and believe that the sphenoid is the COOLEST bone in the body. I'd love to help you too! Find out more in the course.


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