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Everything is energy. Energy is everything.
No, it's not in your head. ​The effects of energy are very real, and our relationship with it matters.
And like any relationship, respect and understanding make it harmonious. ​So I'll let you in on a little secret...
The key to understanding energy is to know that it's always moving. It's a flow.

You're either embracing it, in the flow and enjoying life, or you're in resistance.


Resistance often shows up as:


  • Recurring negative thoughts and stress.

  • Physical discomfort and tension you can't ignore.

  • Miscommunication causing strained relationships.

  • A feeling of dissatisfaction—like there must be something more to life. 

  • That knot in your gut that just won't quit.

  • A deep knowing that you aren't living up to your potential.


If you're here, chances are, you know deep down there's more to life than the struggle.


You don't exist in your beautiful miracle of a body to only carry burdens. You deserve joy, success, and bliss!


The problem is, most of us don't learn how to recognize the flow of energy when we see it, and we unconsciously end up in the fight against it. For intuitives, this can be distressing to experience and witness.


We're even told false truths about the drudgery of life—life's a (you know what) and then you die—that reinforce the misery.


But after over three decades of studying energy, I can say with confidence that it doesn't have to be this way.


You can learn how to identify what it is you truly want, and attract it with grace and ease.


You can learn how to be the most magnetic person in the room.


And when you aren't feeling talkative, you can always be a stealthy energy ninja.


Plus you can learn how to guide others on their path. Trust me when I say, nothing is more rewarding.


You can become a bliss manifesting machine! 


The best part is, all this power already exists inside of you. I just show you where to shine the light to bring it out.


Here's how.


Ready to

feed your

soul evolution?


Energetic Education


Previously a 6-month program,
coming soon in 2024, as multiple in-person classes!
You can pick and choose what calls to you!
Helping you evolve into a source of everlasting love and light for the greater good.​
Energetic Education teaches you how to:


  • Center, ground and balance energy within yourself, others and physical locations.

  • Shield and protect your power so nothing can shake you.

  • Identify and correct chakra imbalances to encourage a fulfilling life experience.

  • Create rituals that empower and increase the potency of experiences and offerings.

  • Integrate the lunar cycles into your life and practice, synching you with nature.

  • Call on the elemental energies and all of their wisdom to fuel your pursuits. 


You can top this all off by also earning your Degrees in Usui Reiki!


The Reiki I Degree teaches you how to heal yourself, and the Reiki II Degree means you are ready to use Reiki on others. This is the ideal certification for integrating into an existing healing arts practice or for starting your career as a Reiki healer! More about Reiki.



Elements of Energetic Education

Magic Hand

Usui Reiki

Golden Chakra

Chakra Balancing



Crescent Moon

Moon Magick

✓ Debunk the mystery of your gut feelings.
✓ Learn how to trust your intuition.
✓ Become a powerhouse of inspiration to others.
✓ Get tools that make you an expert in finding and providing bliss.
✓ Lose the patterns that don't serve you and make space for real magick.
✓ Level up your healing arts practice and services.
✓ Embrace your power and never look back.
✓ Get a little bit witchy.
Energetic Education is for you
if you're ready to...
Course Curriculum

30+ hours of hands-on learning and lecture

Blissed Circle

Keeping an Energy Journal

Energy in the medical and healing arts fields

Body balance techniques

Aura Cleansing

The Lunar Cycles

Chakra Balancing

Blissed Usui Reiki


Elemental energies



Sacred Space

And more!

Usui Reiki I Degree
Usui Reiki II Degree
Usui Master Degree
Usui Teacher Degree 
Blissed Energetic Alchemist
CE hours for LMTs
Course Bonuses
✨ Completion of all classes and Second Degree Usui Reiki earns the Blissed Energetic Alchemist Certification
✨Studying with someone who has dedicated decades of study to energy work.

✨ Access to a private mentored Energetic Education Facebook group
✨ Custom guided meditations for energy work
✨ Digital and physical PDF Handouts, worksheets, and journal prompts
✨ Mentorship from Bhrigha throughout the courses
✨ Blissed 7 Daily Do's
✨ Blissed Best Books List
Energetic Education Class List
✨ Psychic Self Care for Empaths and HSP's
✨  Moon Magick
✨  Blissed Reiki 1 Attunement
(In-person only)
✨  Blissed Body Balance
✨  Sacred Space
✨   Ritual Habituals
✨  Blissed Reiki 2 Attunement
(In-person only)
Praise for EE


"I use almost everything I learned in Energetic Education in my everyday life and often refer back to the binder of information she worked hard to create for me. This course filled in the missing pieces of what I needed after massage school—full, comprehensive study on the energetic body."

"I'd say the EE course enhanced my massage profession, allowing me to take care of myself then address client's needs."

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