Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Intuitive Life Readings, Neurovascular Release ™,

Reiki, Pranic Healing, & Yoga Therapy

in Vancouver, WA

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In-person, Blissed office hours:

Mondays: 9:30am - 5 pm 

Wednesdays: 9:30 am - 5 pm

Alternating Fridays: 9:30-2 or 12-4

By Appointment Only!

No drop-ins.

Established clients, please call, text, or email for appointment.

Private, online Zoom Bodywork & Energetic solutions:

Neurovascular Release™, Distance Energetic Alchemy, Intuitive Readings, Yoga Therapy

New clients, please book a consultation at the link below.

Tuesdays/Thursdays: 2 - 6 pm

Sessions on the hour.


Winter Snow/Ice Policy: 

In the PNW, weather is changeable and I live in the country, so if there is snow/ice, I will check in with you via text the night before or morning of our scheduled time to make sure we can both safely arrive.  

If it's your first time here, please schedule a free 15-minute Blissed consultation.

First time appointment?

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All clients, every appointment:

Download COVID19 Waiver Here


Covid-19 Protocols:

How you can ensure our safety:


  • Wear a mask, over both nose and mouth. Yes still, until WA give LMT's more guidance/rules.

  • Use hand sanitizer and properly wash hands often.

  • Maintain 6 feet (1 massage table length) of physical distance with others in building.

  • Take your own temperature in the morning of your appointment. Contact me immediately to cancel if it is 100 degrees or higher.

  • Isolate as much as possible and observe all CDC recommended protocols to reduce the risk of viral spread when in public.

  • If you have been at any big events or gatherings, please wait 14 days to schedule with me.

How I am ensuring our safety:

  • I'm fully vaccinated! (House Pfizer) Are you?

  • Taking my own temperature and oximeter reading every morning.

  • Wearing a face mask into the building and in office.

  • Screening clients for signs of any illness, travel, or exposure to COVID-19, clients’ household, and close contacts within the past 14 days and following CDC and Washington State Department of Health guidelines.

  • Providing hand sanitizer at the door of the office, on my desk (as in past), and in client area, in addition to my own personal hand sanitizer I use throughout sessions (as in past.)

  • Taking temperature of everyone that walks through the door before check-in with a touchless thermometer. Anyone with 100 degrees temperature or more is asked to leave immediately and reschedule later.

  • Using a finger oximeter to measure blood oxygenation before check-in.

  • Requiring the use of a face mask into the building and providing medical masks for use in the office if clients do not have one.

  • Opening the balcony door to allow air to circulate in between clients.

  • Running 2 HEPA air purifiers (1  in each room) that filter down to .01 microns and completely recycle each room's air every  45 minutes. The purifiers run constantly.

  • Diffusing antiviral essential oils in the treatment area (as in past.)

  • Adding a fan to circulate the air toward the high ceilings in the treatment area.

  • Discontinuing online booking until further notice, so I am in control of the schedule and can choose the best times for each client.

  • Scheduling “buffer zone” time between clients to go through sanitizing and airing protocols.

  • Disinfecting every contact surface after every patient including table handles and equipment, desk, chairs, pens, door handles, etc.

  • Restricting walk-in traffic access to the office.  

  • Allowing only clients, essential caregivers, or 1 immediate family member who can pass the screening procedures in the office at a time.

Failure to pass or comply with any of these protocols can result in a refusal of service.


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Located in the historic
Providence Academy building

400 East Evergreen Blvd

Suite 213

Vancouver, WA 98660

Free parking!

The Academy building is sometimes locked. You need a key code to get in. I text it to you the morning of your appointment.


The new construction project by Marathon Development has started along C Street and 12th Street, making the best parking entrance to the Academy on Evergreen Boulevard across from the Library parking lot.


Please see map for parking and entrance info.

Free Visitor Parking is on the SE corner of the building, (closest to Interstate 5) accessible from Evergreen Blvd, across from the Library parking lot.

There is a new ADA ramp on the NW side (where the construction is) of the building and there are a couple Disabled parking spots there.


There is also an ADA ramp and the keypad on the NE door, (faces Interstate 5) by Life Pilates - next to the old Chimney stack. There is a Disabled parking spot here too.


Once you are in the building, I am on the second floor, in the middle of the building, at the top of the middle staircase, but also accessible around the corner from main front entrance staircase. There is a classic elevator in the center of the building, by the Northwest entrance, which opens across from my office.

If you have any trouble finding me or parking, please text 407.341.0817.

Main Door Entrance on Evergreen Blvd. - sometimes open.


Visitor parking on Evergreen Blvd.


Northeast Entrance with keypad, by Life Pilates- use this entrance


"Bhrigha is the best LMT I have ever seen, and I have seen MANY. She truly takes her time, is incredibly knowledgable, and really cares about her clients. I have had all types of sport injuries, as well as instabilities. Bhrigha provides a service to my wellbeing and health that is irreplaceable. I highly recommend Bhrigha and Blissed Bodywork for massage, from relaxation to sports massage to yoga, to all that is in between!"

-Chelsey B., former gymnast & body builder

"I've been to many LMPs, but Bhrigha is the most experienced and highly trained multi-disciplined practitioner I have met! Located in the Historic 1870s "Academy" building, the quiet, undistracted ambience is unparalleled anywhere else! Restore rejuvenate recover rebuild and renew here with Bhrigha. You will be greatful."


Booking Policies

I am often booked out 2-3 weeks in advance. These Blissed times are reserved just for you & others are turned away. These spots often cannot be refilled, especially last minute. As an independent business & holistic healthcare provider, I appreciate your consideration & business! Heartfully, these policies need to be stated:

  • By booking online, over the phone, or via text with me, you agree to these terms.

  • 24 hours notice via PHONE is preferred for rescheduling or cancellations to avoid a charge.

  •  12-hour minimum notice via PHONE is required for cancellations to avoid a charge.

  • A missed/failed/no-show appointment incurs the FULL charge of the session you scheduled. You will be invoiced.

  • Notice of less than 24 hours notice may incur a half-charge or full-charge & will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. I realize life happens and I also am running a heart-centered business.

  • Late clients must understand that their appointment may be shortened due to scheduling, but they still owe for the FULL time booked.

  • I will work with you as best I can with honest & responsible communication on both of our parts.

Brightest Blissed Blessings!