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Spring has sprung & so can you!

The first trillium at Gothic Gables 2019

I can't believe its April! How did that happen? Above is a picture I took with my iPhone of the first elusive wild trillium I found on my property at my home, which I call Gothic Gables. Finding the first trillium is the first sign of Spring to me, & I love hunting for them each Spring. These flowers are very special. They only bloom once every 7 years, which is a magickal number of mysticism in many world religions & spiritualities. Lucky number 7 is a real thing! What do you want to be doing in 7 years?

I truly hope  you are planting the seeds and bulbs for what you want to manifest & bloom this summer & fall, physically & metaphysically. What do you need more of? What do you need less of? How can you make that happen? Often change starts with just small steps. Make a little change, like getting up a  half an hour earlier or turning off the TV and phone a half an hour earlier in the evening. What could you do during that time to make your life better? 

If you take small steps for healthier habits today, get consistent, & stick with it, where will you be in 7 days? 7 weeks? 7 months? 7 years? Be like the little trillium. Bloom where your seed is planted, be patient with your own growth, do your best, and grow!

I've been doing the Morning Sidekick Journal to help myself get a morning ritual together. Yes, even I struggle with being consistent because my schedule fluctuates, but I'm finding that its much easier with this journal that lasts 66 days, (you decide when to start, its undated), which is so inspirational and keeps me accountable.  I "fell off the wagon" when I had to get some dental work done recently, but I started back up with no guilt. Life happens, you just have to get back up on the horse, as they say in the country.

So much has been going on in the office & behind the scenes. The Providence Academy has been doing some interior facelifts, including new carpets in the hallways & a wrought iron patio set for the balcony. Balcony bliss is almost here!

If you are on social media, please like & follow my business pages on Facebook & Instagram. I post there more frequently because newsletters take a lot of time to put together & I don't want to flood your inbox. I'm planning to send these out quarterly now, with small announcements of classes & promotions in between. To help with this, I'm adding categories so you can choose which information you want to receive.

In January, I completed my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and am now a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance! I had so much fun, even though it was long 14-18 hour days for 16 days straight. I basically became a yoga zombie; but that was a good thing.I'm now excited to offer private & duet sessions in Yoga at the office. More details & my first ever VIDEO about it below. And my second video ever for the 2019 Energetic Education Course is below too.

Speaking of videos, I'm still working on the new website! What a project! Really hope to share that with you soon. In addition, I'm working on learning to shoot & edit my own videos so I can post some freebies of homework I give clients as well as have a monthly membership part of the site where you can choose your level of membership, like Bee's Knees Freebies, Bliss Believer, Basic Bliss, & Beyond Blissed so you can study with me at your convenience. Plans include: homework stretches, Foam Rolling Fun, Morning & Bedtime Yoga, Meditations & Mindfulness, as well as making some of my in-person classes available as online courses. Stay tuned!

Remember, consistency is the key to creating positive change, so stick with it! You can do whatever you set your mind to accomplish.

Brightest Blissed Blessings,


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