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Blissed Wellness

419 East Cedar Avenue #C203
La Center, WA

The mission of Blissed Wellness is to bring yoga, movement, holistic health, and meditation classes to the La Center community, promoting a healthy lifestyle and self-care alternatives, in an upscale, boutique studio that allows for individual attention in small group classes.

With carefully curated teachers with diverse and complementary offerings, collectively, our core three teachers have 100 years of training and experience. You are in good hands in our classes.

Blissed Wellness is completely ADA accessible, including the en suite restroom, with van accessible Disabled (Other Abled) parking spots right in front of the door. The entire space is crystal gridded, Reikified, protected, and blessed in many ways so the moment you walk in, you feel like you stepped into sacred space.

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Keep scrolling to see class descriptions, see the schedule in a window,  and meet our
Blissed Wellness Team Teachers

We are using the Punchpass app for secure online registration and payment.
In an effort to be paper-free, please use the links above or below to: 

  • create an account

  • register for classes

  • ​sign the liability waiver

  • and purchase single classes or multi-class passes.

We cannot at this time accept credit card payments in person for classes.

If you cannot figure Punchpass out, please bring exact cash, and let us know you are planning to attend! Arrive EARLY so we can help you register in Punchpass.

Classes may be cancelled if not enough people register ahead of time.

Please note: Registration and Payment are two separate things.
Just because you registered does not mean you've paid.

Add Punchpass to your Homescreen: Once you create an account, you can add Punchpass to your phone's home screen like an app, but its not available in app stores. This ensures it will work without frequent updates and you can easily see classes and do everything on your phone. See this link for a simple how-to for both iPhone and Android users:

Regular Classes are on hiatus until September 2024.

We are looking for teachers:

  • Yin/Restorative/Yoga Nidra teacher for weekday evening classes

  • Tai Chi teacher for Saturday morning classes at 9:30 am.

The studio is available to rent for special events.

Please reach out through the contact form page if you'd like to apply.


Mindful Mondays: First Mondays at 6:30 pm

Sharon Kruse

A once-a-month opportunity designed to lighten your mind, body, and spirit. Focus on how to develop (or deepen) a meditation practice based in kindness, compassion, and connection. Classes will include an opener to review the night’s focus and set intentions, a 15-20 minute meditation, a mid-class movement opportunity, a second 15-20 minute meditation, and a closing. Beginners are encouraged to attend alongside more experienced meditators.

Mindful Monday Meditation: $20 drop in

Tai Chi: Saturdays: 9:30 am 

A gentle, all-levels class perfect for beginners or more advanced students who want to refine their skills. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.  Some students will appreciate the mindfulness and stress-reducing benefits of Tai Chi. Other participants will appreciate building muscle and stamina while enhancing flexibility.  

Tai Chi: $20 drop in

Rise, Align, & Shine Yoga: TBA

Last class at this time: December 12, 2023

Bhrigha Getz

Start your day the Blissed way! Join this gentle yoga class with a focus on breathwork, daily intentions, stretching, alignment, & light core-work to get you vertical & positively empower your day

Rise, Align, & Shine Yoga: $20 drop in

Core Concepts: TBA

Last class at this time December 14, 2023

Bhrigha Getz

A functional movement, Pilates-mat-based class to connect to your core, lengthen and elongate, and empower your posture. All levels welcome to this gentle but challenging class.

Core Concepts: $20 drop in

Restore, Core, & More: TBA

Bhrigha Getz 

End your work day the Blissed way! Join this gentle yin-like yoga class with a focus on breathwork, gratitude, light core-work, NVR™, & restorative relaxation, with different monthly themes. 

Restore Core & More: $25 drop in


April 6: 10:30 am - 12 pm

Intro to Mindful Meditation with Sharon Kruse, PhD, Meditation Coach

Our lives are busy. There is always so much to do and seemingly little time to do it. 

Join us on April 6 from 10:30 until noon for a Mindful Meditation Workshop that focuses on how we can put forth effort and also rest. Learn how to:

  • incorporate small mindful moments into your day

  • practice "small g" gratitude 

  • use meditation practices to increase inner awareness,compassion, and wellbeing.

Sharon's gentle, welcoming, down-to-earth approach to meditation is perfect no matter your experience. All that is required is a gentle, open mind and an interest in learning how to live with more kindness and mindfulness.

Mindful Meditation Workshop: $30

A Day of Bliss RetreatSeptember: 8am-4 pm with a lunch break.

-8 am: Check in and Opening Ceremony

​-9-10 am: Tai Chi/Chi Gong or Restorative Yoga TBD -10:30 am-12 pm: Intro to Meditation

-12-1 pm: Lunch Break

-1:05-2:05 pm: Psychic Self-Care: Energetic Education

-2:15-3:30 pm: Yoga Nidra with Sacred Sound Bath

-3:45-4 pm: Closing Ceremony

Full day pass:

Early Bird Pricing until April 30: $99

After April 30 if space is available: $135

May 18: 10:30 am - 12 pm (part of Day of Bliss Retreat)

Intro to Mindful Meditation with Sharon Kruse, PhD, Meditation Coach

Renown meditation coach John Kabat-Zinn wrote a book called, "Wherever you go, there you are." In it, Kabat-Zinn wisely suggests that mindfulness is the opposite of taking life for granted.
Join us on May 18 from 10:30 until noon for a Mindful Meditation Workshop that focuses on inhabiting our bodies and lives. Learn how to:

  • become aware of the day-to-day, moment-to-moment wonders that make up our lives.

  • develop the insight and strength to face life’s challenges

  • use meditation practices to increase inner awareness, compassion, and wellbeing.

Sharon's gentle, welcoming, down-to-earth approach to meditation is perfect no matter your experience. All that is required is a gentle, open mind and an interest in learning how to live with more kindness and mindfulness.


Bowenwork Clinic: Bhrigha Getz, LMT, RYT, CBT

Tuesdays 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Once a week clinic of just Bowenwork, with the 2 treatment rooms alternating clients. You must pre-schedule & do your 1-time, FREE phone consult first. More info here.

Intro to Bowenwork with Cobalt Coy, LMT, dates TBA. Cobalt is my Bowenwork teacher and this is for ANYONE to learn some simple but effective Bowen moves to help themselves and family members. 

TBA: Pelvic Power with Alison Wesley, Franklin Method teacher and author of  Understanding Your Pelvis with Eric Franklin. She will be presenting a class for ANYONE with Pelvic issues or who just wants to learn more about hip and pelvic mobility and solutions to common problems like back pain, sacroiliac dysfunction, hip pain. There will also be another class following from 2-3:30 pm  just for yoga teachers that will include the opportunity for Continuing Education credits. Yoga teachers can attend all for credit. Prices TBA.

Studio Policies

  • Yoga is for every body. Yes, you can do yoga!

  • We promote inclusivity and body positivity.

  • Unplug, mute, put your phone on do not disturb. This is our time together.

  • If you have health issues or concerns, please schedule a private first so we can help you with modifications before joining a group class.

  • You must pre-register.

  • There must be 2 students registered the night before in order for class to happen. It may be canceled if not enough people are registered, unless the one person registered is a Monthly Membership. Money may either be refunded or held for the next class for those who did register.

  • Monthly Memberships will not have classes canceled if they are registered in time. 

  • Class size is limited to 6 students. 

  • 24-hour cancellation notice please.

  • Late notice cancellations or no-shows will be charged the full price of class/forfeit a class on their pass.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class time to check in and settle down. 

  • Remove shoes in designated area.

  • Clean socks and feet only on studio floors.

  • You might want to wear grippy, yoga socks if your feet tend to perspire.

  • Once door is locked, no late entry.

  • Masking is optional.

  • Bring a journal & pen to yoga & meditation classes so you can jot down inspirations.

  • Bring your own hand towel if you tend to perspire.

  • Follow sanitation protocols as posted and clean up after yourself.

  • Please clean all studio props you touched or used. Do not expect the instructor to clean up after you.

Blissed Wellness Class Passes (New pricing!)

  • Drop-In prices: $20/$25/$30 for 60/75/90 minute classes

  • 4 class 60-minute classes (expires in 1 month): $64

  • Monthly Membership (Unlimited)

  • New Student 1-week Pass (Unlimited)

  • Annual Angel Blissed Class Pass (Unlimited for a year!)

(These are still in progress and subject to change. See Punchpass for current passes)

Blissed Bodywork Bundle Buyers get discounts on individual Studio classes. The passes offer the best deals.


Studio Safety

  • This is a boutique studio, meaning class size in limited to promote more individual attention.

  • This also means there is adequate spacing for students to prevent the direct spread of germs.

  • You must wipe down your mat and props post class with the sanitizer provided and follow other sanitization protocols.

  • We have an amazing AC filtration system.

  • We also have a super high quality HEPA air filter in the studio that filters down to .01 microns.

  • If you're sick or have any symptoms of illness, please stay home. Let us know asap!

  • If you've tested positive for Covid, please wait till you've tested negative twice 48 hours apart before returning to class.

  • If you've been exposed, please wait 5-7 days to see if you develop symptoms and test. Wait for a negative before coming to class.

  • We take everyone's health and wellness seriously and aspire to not spread germs.

  • We want you to feel safe pursuing your wellness goals.

Blissed Wellness Team Teachers: 


Bhrigha Getz, LMT, RYT 200, CBT

Owner of Blissed Bodwork, LLC/Blissed Wellness

A lifelong student of movement  arts, Bhrigha Getz was a professional dancer and teacher for 15 years, studied many types of dance, and became a certified teacher in Classical Pilates mat and apparatus, to help heal from car accidents. She was introduced to yoga in 2000, integrated it into her wellness self-care rituals and took many classes. Finally in 2019, she achieved her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate, then completed her certification in trauma-informed yoga with Lisa Danylchuk and Yoga 4 Trauma the same year.


A Highly Sensitive Person, Empath, and trauma survivor, Bhrigha loves to help other kindred souls find balance. Her yoga style is alignment-based, and she draws inspiration from Restorative, Yin, Iyengar, Anusara, and Forrest Yogas. She studied and taught at Melanie Neilson's Vancouver Yoga Center, the city's longest running studio. Her belief that any body can do yoga and all moves can be modified per person informs her approach to functional movement, emotional resiliency, and spiritual attunement. 


After nearly 6 years in Downtown Vancouver, Bhrigha has returned home to her rural roots. She brings her anatomy nerdiness, an extensive bodywork & movement background, a passion for helping, and a little bit of magic to her practice - “where science meets woo.”  She is excited to be able to share movement, yoga, self-care, and these fantastic, carefully curated teachers joining the Blissed Wellness Teaching Team with the La Center community.

We can't wait to welcome you to our studio!


Sharon Kruse PhD; Certified Mindfulness Coach

With a long career in higher education, Sharon believes that meditation is a practice and mindfulness is the result. Her philosophy is that everyone can benefit by feeling more supported, grounded, and connected to their lives by developing a meditation practice. Meditation is about learning to take time to sit with ourselves and experience what happens. It’s about slowing down and paying attention as well as creating a tool kit of practices designed to relieve stress and distress. Sharon's goal is to make meditation easy and accessible for everyone. Website for Red Umbrella Mindfulness and Meditation coming soon.


Gary Wass, LMT, Tai Chi Expert

Gary Wass has a deep passion for helping people live active, healthy lives. He has pursued this passion for over 30 years as a martial arts instructor and massage practitioner. This background affords him a unique, multi-disciplinary perspective on the interconnectedness of the body.  Gary's journey began in 1990, studying Tai Chi at the Taoist Sanctuary in San Diego. Since then, his quest to better understand health, wellness, and movement has taken him to Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and China. Gary believes anyone can learn and use Tai Chi/Chi Gong to improve their lives. Gary is sabbatical from classes until further notice. We look forward to his return.

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