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Manifesting an Abundant Attitude

Japanese Jizu from my garden at Gothic Gables

As we enter the time of year overrun with mass consumerism & commercialization, thoughts turn to finding the best gifts, the best outfits for those holiday parties, having family dinners with the best foods & drinks of the year, and thoughts of abundance & prosperity may be at the backs of our minds as we rush around. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle this time of year seems to bring about, no matter which way your spiritual leanings lie and it’s easy to slip into a poverty consciousness mindset. Traditionally this time of year is very hard on people without families or who have a tendency towards depression; hospitalizations and suicides tend to peak too.  So it is important that we be mindful of staying positive this time of year, and what better time of year to embrace our personal prosperity & abundance by sharing it and banishing that lack mentality?

The Law of Attraction was highly popular several years ago & became a kind of buzzword, or even a cliché, for manifesting millions, based on the simple principle that “like attracts like.”  Focus on the positive & you get more positive.  And visa versa – it works in reverse too. But those principles apply to whatever you want to manifest: a peaceful home & work life, love relationship, money. The basic premise is that you focus on what you want, then think & act like you already have it. Seem silly? Try this: “I now accept and embrace ___(fill in the blank with what you want) ___  in my life and know that all obstacles to it are being overcome & removed.” Repeat several times a day. Make a vision board. Write it in a journal. Go about your life and find small ways every day that will lead you even just 1 step closer to that goal.

But how do you get from right now to having your heart’s desire? One way is by appreciating what you do already have, every day, even your bills! Louise Hay, one of the fore-runners of affirmations said that as she was writing checks to pay her bills (this was before online payment systems) that she used to affirm: “I am thankful for this bill & I have more than enough money to pay this & all of my bills. Money comes easily to me.” And she used to seal her envelopes with a kiss, symbolizing her state of love instead of lack. Appreciating, and even loving your bills and debt is an understanding that the Universe provides abundance to cover them. If you live in fear that you can’t pay them or live in lack or poverty consciousness, you may attract more of that to yourself.

What is poverty consciousness?

Poverty consciousness is the mindset that “there is never enough”, “money is the root of all evil”, “you can only make money if you work hard and screw people over”, “the end justifies the means.” We’ve all probably heard these sayings before, or even been raised by someone who believed them. It’s  believing that there is only so much money and abundance to go around. People who think this live in this state and it becomes their mantra. It overshadows every part of their life: they become afraid to spend money, they don’t go out, they don’t do things they know would be beneficial – like get a massage, they seem to attract one crisis after another that ensures they stay stuck in that poverty consciousness, which just reinforces it, so its like an endless, catch-22 loop.

On the opposite side is Prosperity consciousness: “money comes easily to me,” “I have more than enough money to pay my bills and have some left over for fun,” “the Universe provides more than enough money for what I need & want.” These thoughts & affirmations ensure that you are in the Universal flow and there is no need to freak out when a setback happens, because there is faith that the Universe will provide.

Another way to embrace your abundance this time of year is to give to those in need who are less fortunate & abundant. We all go through hard times, but those times are less hard with help. Donate to a local food bank or church or Toys for Tots to help people in your own community. If you know someone who has lost a job or a family who is struggling, ask if you can help, or better yet, leave a basket of food & necessities anonymously on their doorstep. Volunteering at any of these sites is also a great option too if you don’t have the money or material things to give.  Teaching at a college where most students were on financial aid showed me how very generous people who have next to nothing are! Students often gave away their lunch & clothes to someone in need because they know what it is like to want.  During the holidays, we raised a great deal of food & donations to help other needy families in our community. Generosity is another way to tell the Universe that you trust that there is more than enough; that it is safe to share.

Giving someone the gift of health & wellness is another way to share abundance with those you love. Massages, a Steamy Stone treatment, a Thai HerbBall Treatment are all thoughtful & highly beneficial gifts. Why not purchase gift certificates from your local practitioners this holiday season? I have some of my own gift certificates for my services & VWS does too. Supporting local entrepreneurs keeps your money in the local economy, keeping it strong. Often this time of year, clients forget about taking care of themselves and practitioners see a slow down in their business, so that means there are more openings for you.

Abundance is a state that we can choose to live in all the time because it is always around us. When we lose money or have a lot of bills, it doesn’t mean that we are no longer abundant, it just means we need to be more conscientious at manifesting more money. Any person who has had a lot of money will tell you that it ebbs & flows; money comes & goes. Sometimes there is a great deal of it and sometimes it dwindles, due to changing times or attitudes, and that is ok. 

Its kind of like this: Imagine the brand new living room set that was bought because it was perfectly beautiful, but because the new owner was afraid of getting it dirty, it was covered in plastic, and if you wanted to sit on the furniture, you had to sit on the uncomfortable & noisy plastic covers. There were even plastic runners over the carpet. While this keeps the furniture & carpet in like-new condition, no one gets any enjoyment out of sitting on the comfy cushions or entertaining in that room due to the fear of ruining the furniture. Enjoy the good furniture or use the good china & silver! Even if its just you or your immediate family.

We are all abundant creatures! Money & abundance are meant to be enjoyed! Sure, save some – that’s a smart thing to do, but make sure you enjoy some too and live in love instead of lack. Break your old money mantras to get out of poverty consciousness and replace them with new ones that create an abundant attitude.

Brightest blissful blessings & happy holidays!


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