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Customer Reviews

Clients express their gratitude!

Quotes given freely & used with permission.
No one was compensated in any way for these testimonials.

Hands down, best massage I have ever had and being a chiropractor, I've had lots of massage! If your looking for the best, look no further than Bhrigha and Blissed Bodywork.

Dr. Cecelia Mikles, DC

Bhrigha is so knowledgeable in what she offers and how she offers her services to best meet her clients needs. I have a serious structural issue in my lumbar region, she made me feel comfortable and in control at all times. Her deep understanding of the human body was obvious throughout the session! I will be returning!

Carrie M.

Bhrigha works in the most beautiful, historic space. She has created a wonderful, healing experience for her guests. I went in seeking treatment for migraines. Not only did she provide me with relief but she also provided more insight on how old injuries may be bringing tension to my sinuses. Speaking to Bhrigha is like combining the knowledge held by a doctor with the peaceful feeling of having met with a Reiki healer. She is experienced and knowledgeable. This is not the kind of massage where you feel pain and discomfort the following day. I'm writing this twenty hours after my appointment and I'm aware of the changes made to my structure, but I am not suffering. I woke up without pain and without a trace of the headache I've battled for the past two weeks.

Ellen H.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the services I’ve received here. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

Amy P.

I've been to many LMPs, but Bhrigha is the most experienced and highly trained multi-disciplined practitioner I have met! Her personalized assemment, care and recovery plan assures optimal therapy variety and specific attention to aid healing from chronic issues or acute problems. Bhrighas' body work takes the complete body into the treatment and care plan, for focused individual customer experience. Located in the Historic 1870s "Academy" building, the quiet, undistracted ambience is unparalleled anywhere else! Restore rejuvenate recover rebuild and renew here with Bhrigha. You will be greatful.

Todd M.

By far, the best massage therapist I have ever been to.


Bhrigha is awesome. I was dealing with extreme pain due to sciatica and have now been pain free for several months. Highest of recommendations.


The results from cranial sacral therapy: The results affect and improve physical, emotional, spiritual, overall general health and life quality. In my experience it is better than full body massages for my overall health improvement. Bhrigha is a very professional, amazing and skillful healer. She listens and works with "Full Heart" and confidence. She helps a person in many ways, beyond words. I recommend her 100% for anyone looking to heal.


“I know that I have said it many times before, but I will say it again, Bhrigha, you are the BEST, (that is coming from a guy that has seen 18 different therapists) and counting. No one is like you! Your skills are exquisite.”

N. R.

“Bhrigha was able to address specific needs I had following a surgery. The massage was wonderful. I look forward to my next appointment.”

D. S.

“Bhrigha did a great job, my back was killing me and she gave me the Thai-su yoga massage, she was a lifesaver!”

J. O.

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