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June Moon and other Musings

Sometimes, actually, usually for most people I think, our successes are not a straight trajectory. Oftentimes, we might have an idea, work on it a bit, set it on the back burner, try something else, stir the pot a little, live our daily lives, & do the best we can. We might have a big goal, & lose our focus on all the little steps it takes to get there. Sometimes we get hung up on all the even tinier steps within the little steps. It’s kind of like instead of blazing a trail through dangerous & rocky terrain, we take the already cut switchbacks to get to the top of a mountain.

Sailors do a similar thing with something called tacking. Depending on wind & current conditions, sometimes it’s necessary to sail sideways to get to a point straight ahead. It takes focus & determination, even on a clear day. As they lean the boat into a turn to tack back in the direction they just came, duck, waiting for the boom to swing across, lean to the opposite side of the boat to keep it from tipping over in the turn,sometimes it feels like it will tip over, as seconds & minutes slow to a snails pace & the boat hangs in a balance, suspended between the elements of air (intellect) & water (emotions.) Then suddenly the boat levels, the main sail & jib fill with the wind, & you’re off headed on a new path. Then the whole process repeats as you tack your way to the intended destination. If your boat capsizes or you end up in the water, it’s ok. Just carefully right yourself & get back on the boat. That’s the biggest thing, like getting back on a horse after a fall. You might need to try a new tack or a new idea . Either way, if you keep looking forward, you will get to where you need to be. And don’t forget to enjoy the wind in your sails & the the good days & challenges on the water. Trust in your abilities & never give up!

This month's Full Strawberry Moon is in Sagittarius or Capricorn, depending on where you are! Technically the precise time is Monday/Moonday June 17th, but Full Moon energy is strong from the day before, day of, & day after, so 3 days of Full Moon magick! This moon, with the Sun in airy Gemini is a time of revealing the other side to issues in your life that have to do with communication or relationships. Gemini is the sign of twins, and there is often a light and a dark twin, or visible, and hidden. So this Full Moon shines a light on things that had been hidden, with the fire of Sagittarius to burn it away & the balancing of earthy Capricorn to keep your feet on solid ground. This Moon precedes this year’s summer eclipse season, so it’s a great time to decide what you want to focus on, what’s working, & set those intentions now. Let the rest go. Eclipses can bring great change unexpectedly so the more you use your will to focus & ground yourself, the easier the eclipses will be. You might ask for clarity, peaceful resolutions, & gentle messages, because who needs a wallup upside the head if we’re not listening?! That’s no fun!

Sometimes you have to tack to move forward.

So tune in to the positive messages & tune out the negativity. Release the struggle & allow the forward movement in a more positive & peaceful direction. We deserve to be seen & heard & valued for who we are & what we do.

Brightest Blissed Blessings & Full Moon Magick!

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