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Mystical Moon Musings: Eclipse Tunnel

Two weeks ago, we had a total solar eclipse on the Dark Moon , and although we couldn’t see it in the PNW, that energy was still felt. The Moon and Sun were both in watery Cancer, representing our emotional nature. Eclipses open up doorways for sudden changes and we are currently in what is called the eclipse tunnel, with another eclipse, this time a lunar eclipse coming up on the Full Moon today. Starting two weeks ago, what had been hidden was or is being revealed, activation of any watery Cancer/earthy Capricorn connections in our birth charts, and even throwbacks to what was happening in our lives back in 2001-2, 1981-3, and 1962-4. Wow! That’s a lot of stuff, right?

Wait, there’s more: This is a time of wiping the slate clean of karmic and ancestral debt, as we strive for a balance of home sanctuary and work security. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Mercury was slowing down to go retrograde, and turned retrograde/backwards on Sunday the 7th. Mercury, named after the Roman Messenger god, is the planet of communications, technology, travel, etc. He goes retrograde 3-4 times a year for 3-4 weeks at a time. Its during this time that lots of miscommunications, travel disruptions, and technological snafus seem to happen the most. Instead of trying to start new projects or sign contracts, its a good idea to use the “re-“ rule of thumb: review, revise, reuse, redo, revamp, recycle, reframe,etc. As we come up to the Full Moon eclipse today, focus on your dreams, goals, and values. What do you want more of in your life? What do you want your role to be in the world? If you are entangled in any negativity or drama, let it go. Its not worth the drain of your energy. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want. Use the power of positivity to draw in all the good and release the not-so-good. Mercury retrograde and these eclipse tunnels do not have to be a time of stress. Its all in how you frame it, or re-frame it! Plan the beautiful life you deserve and dream it to life now. Write it down. Journal it. Harvest season is coming and there is still time to plan for planting some seedlings for fall. (I finally just got my veggie starts and some seeds in the ground here at Gothic Gables, and they are growing like crazy!) Plus, this eclipse season, yes, there’s more to come, is closing the door on the past and has far reaching effects through 2019 and into 2020. So plan your future now, in the present, and move forward confidently, reaching toward your dreams.

There are also 5 other planets going Retrograde now too, so if it feels like you’re trudging uphill through mud in concrete boots, it’s ok. Just keep going & stay positive! See any crisis as opportunity: what can you learn from it, how can you grow with it? Prune the spent flowers & leggy stalks that detract from your beauty & growth. Anything is possible, so keep going!

Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn with the Sun in Cancer with the lunar eclipse is activating our home/work life. There could be sudden changes or more likely an awareness of imbalance. What needs to be let go in order to find balance? Cancer is generally a feminine emotional sign in tune with the Moon, while Capricorn is more grounded & focused on climbing & can be thought of as a more masculine sign. The juxtaposition of the receptive Moon in Cap covering the projective Sun in Cancer might feel strange. Stay in tune with your feelings, trust your gut, and pay attention to the little voice that tells you when things are off. Chances are you are right, and it’s time to let that shite go! Life does not have to be a struggle, so go with the flow, see what is being revealed, swim through difficult emotions, and discover a new perspective waiting for you on a solid, earthy shore, where the water (emotions) meets the earth (foundations.) Wishing you a safe eclipse season and may full moon magick be afoot!

Moon gazing is grounding and good for the soul.

Brightest Blissed Blessings!


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