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Mystical Moon Musings: Black Moon, Lughnassaadh, and Lion's Gate! Oh My!

What have you manifested this year? How can you celebrate your abundance today?

Yesterday Mercury finally went direct after a long, deeply felt Retrograde in a dark eclipse tunnel. It is also a Black Moon, meaning the second Dark Moon in a month. Most people call this the New Moon, but it’s always been the Dark Moon in my tradition, since you can’t see her, she hides her face for 3 days, just like on the Full Moon, when she shines bright for 3 nights. The New Moon comes for me when I see that first crescent sliver. 

Anyway, on July 31, Mercury went direct on a Super Black Moon. This felt like a huge relief to most sensitives, like the blockages had been removed. All of this happened with both the sun & moon in Leo too, which is the sign that loves to be front & center, showing all their fiery passion, leading the parade. This is the perfect time to literally release all the shite stirred up by Mercury Retrograde, all the drama & disaster, everything that no longer serves you. It’s a great time for an oracle reading too! (Hit me up!) Mercury will still be in his shadow for a week & a half so you’ll notice that things might not be full steam ahead yet but all the challenges you’ve faced are working themselves out, the hidden things that were revealed have given you more pieces of the puzzle that are falling into place, the old stuff that was stirred up is being healed, and the fallout from all of this may have effects well into January 2020. You are releasing old patterns & paradigms that no longer fit who you are becoming. It’s ok! Let it go. Find what inspires you and follow your passion. Things are looking brighter as we head into Harvest Season. 

August 8 is the Lion’s Gate, which officially closes eclipse season and with the Sun in Leo and waxing half Moon in Sagittarius, both Fire signs, this offers a chance to walk through the door consciously creating the life we want to live now. Use the Leo/Sagittarius Fire to figure out what ignites your passion and walk through that gate like the fierce Archer, aiming and releasing your arrow at the target of your dreams.

What can you release? What is no longer serving your highest good? What do you want more of in your life? What are you passionate about? How can you manifest more of it?

Today is August 1, the feast of Lughnassadh “Loo-NAH-sah,” the Irish Celtic first harvest. It is a time of celebrating all the abundance you’ve worked hard for in your life this year, goals met, the bounty grown from all the seeds you planted. Traditionally this was a grain harvest so baking breads, baling hay, harvesting the first fruits and vegetables, competitions of strength & endurance-think Scottish Highland Games, and having a big dinner with family were rituals done at this time. These celebrations would often last 3 or more days. Once that first harvest was in, it was a time of resting and digesting life, playing, and preparing for the next harvest in September.

What have you manifested this year? How can you celebrate your abundance today? 

I am so thankful for all of my clients and friends who’ve supported my business, which has grown immensely this year! I couldn’t do what I do without you. Thank you for letting me share my gifts and talents with you and for accepting my blend of science and woo. This is also the time when my husband and I were married 3 years ago! Last year at this time, we had a pretty rough patch, so this year, in the spirit of Lughnassadh, we are off the the San Juan Islands to rest and reconnect with each other for a few days, take in the beauty of where the earth meets the water, unplug and play, and I’m secretly hoping to see a whale in the wild for the first time. So looking forward to this little vacation! Don’t worry, I’ll be back, recharged and ready to go next week as scheduled! 

Wishing you Black Moon Blessings, and a luscious Lughnassadh and Lion’s Gate! 

Blissed Blessings,


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