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Self-Love through Bodywork

When February roles around, we’ve usually already been inundated (starting sometime in January) with all things red, pink, & heart-covered in preparation for the over-commercialized Day of Love, also known as Valentines Day. Our thoughts turn to creating a more loving relationship or a longing for a relationship, and often times, we end up feeling left out, or let down, or worse.

But, what if instead, we focus on loving ourselves, not just for one day but making it a new habit/ritual/pattern?  Back in the day when someone said that another person loves themselves, it was considered an insult, meaning that they were conceited or stuck-up, or worse: they had some narcissistic tendencies. But self-love now means loving ourselves enough to do what is best for us. This includes many things:  sometimes saying no instead of yes, it means making sure we get adequate sleep, eating healthy foods, surrounding ourselves with positive people, cutting out the “crazymakers”, quitting a job that is too stressful, finding another job that is more peaceful, and it also means taking care of our bodies, minds, & spirits. It can include doing little things for ourselves each day that we know will help us feel for positive: stretching for 5 minutes in the morning and evening, meditating, making a cup of tea & taking the time to enjoy it, taking a bath.

For many years, I’ve loved reading books by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. This was my first introduction to this author and I will go back and do Artist’s Pages from time to time, but her concept of the Artist Date has really stuck with me. This is the concept of taking 1 day a week for 1 hour, or all day, to have just for you. This is the ultimate expression of self-love! Don’t do anything but whatever you want to do during this time. Nowadays, this means also unplugging from our phones/social media/email, and any other distractions. The idea is to go do something different: try a new coffee shop, restaurant, store, or go to a museum, a gallery, or Hey – you could even get a massage!

One of the best ways you can take care of yourself is to get regular massage. It truly is not just a luxury for those who can afford it. Massage has so many health benefits for the mind, body, & soul, you can’t afford to NOT get a massage! It is a necessity for a happy, healthy life! Science shows that massage positively affects all of the body systems: improves circulation, digestion, breathing, the 5 senses, muscles & bones, immunity, and it also has vast benefits for our nervous system, our mental health, & even our spiritual selves.

What better way to take care of yourself than by setting time aside at least once a month, if not more frequently to get an hour or longer massage?  It is time for you to unplug, turn off your phone – not just on vibrate, but all the way off, detach from the pressures of work & family, and just let someone else take care of you for an hour or 2, and you might even get a little nap. You’ll emerge feeling refreshed & restored, bright & blissful!  In ancient Greece, Hippocrates recommended a massage a day for optimum health. In present-day Thailand, they still recommend this, only their massages can last up to 4 hours! I could totally go for that!

To help you commit to self-love massage on a regular basis, I created Bliss Bundles, which are multiple session package deals.

See my website at for more details and to purchase online.

If you are looking for something a little different to try for massage, I have several options you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, I do Thaisu© massage, (my own combo of Thai Yoga Massage & Shiatsu) and Thai HerbBall treatments, which can be a great add-on to a massage or a treatment all by themselves. Thaisu© is done on thick, comfortable, organic cotton mats on the floor, using gentle but deep pressure and stretches applied to the your fully clothed body to release stuck energy & provide deep assisted stretching. Great for athletes or anyone who wants deeper work. (Yes – I can actually do deeper work on the floor, using gravity & my full body weight!) No oils or lotions are used during this treatment & you are requested to wear comfy, stretchy clothes, such as you would wear to a yoga class.

The HerbBall Treatment consists of the application of steamed and heated herb balls to the your body, working the energy lines with quick rolling motions. Once the ball cools a bit, acupressure points or problem areas can be worked with applied deep compressions/pressure. These smell amazing and are great for sinus congestion, muscle aches & pains, bloating, cold/flu season, stimulating circulation & lymphatic flow, or as pure relaxation. These sessions do need to be booked in advance due to setup, so plan ahead for your Artist Date or Self-Love Massage Day.

For the month of February, I’ll be running a couple of Self-Love Specials:

Buy 2 hours of Bhrigha’s Bodywork Blend for $160, a savings of $30 off regular price, and you can split the hours up on 2 separate days!

(You must schedule the second at first appointment.)

Or for a special treat, try $130 for a 90 minute massage with a 30 minute HerbBall Treatment add-on (must be booked 24 hours in advance & full 2 hours used on same day) for a total of 2 hours of bliss and a savings of $30 off regular price!

Loving & accepting ourselves wherever we are in life and in our growth process is vital! Taking care of ourselves is a necessary part of creating a healthy life! Massage can be a huge part of both of those things.

Self-love isn’t just for 1 day a year, so how will you show yourself some self-love this month? Will you make self-love your new daily habit/pattern/ritual? Will you choose to add massage to your life? I hope so, & I look forward to helping you feel more blissful.

Brightest Blissful Blessings!


Thai Herb Ball Treatment, aka: Prakob

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