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Staying healthy, well, positive, & proactive during the virus crisis

Image by ZDCA Design & Development for Sacred Centers.

I hope this finds you well. With this current corona virus scare, I wanted to share some facts to gain perspective and hopefully alleviate some fears, in addition to sharing what I am doing to keep us safe with some of my personal health tips and tricks for boosting my immune system and staying sane during this time. I truly believe that the more fear and negativity we put into it, the worse it will get. Remember what I teach in classes and in privates:

The mind is a powerful thing. What we think and send out brings back to us what we focus on, so its always better to err on the side of positivity.

If we can stay rational, calm, and mindful, spreading more positivity, it has the power to curb the potential crashes that some are so fearful of in this crisis, and choose an intentional response instead of a fear-based reaction. Regular meditation helps with this and Master Co, one of my Pranic Healing teachers, did a FREE great global meditation to help with this crisis here: (If you missed it, he often keeps these up on his website for later viewing and is doing more.) As an allied health care professional, I do take this virus and the wellness of myself and my clients seriously and am taking extra precautions to keep my office germ-free and virus-free. I’ve been upping my normal immune system boosters and am happy to share those with you below. Please consider natural methods if possible for yourself and do not be afraid to go see a naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, or acupuncturist for further help. These providers, like me, are often self-employed and may be a good line of offense to healthy immune systems. Regular massage and bodywork boosts your immune system too. If you have a compromised immune system, underlying conditions, or take care of someone in the high risk groups, please be mindful of everything you do and follow the CDC and your doctors’ guidelines. If you are sick with any symptoms or have been closely exposed (3-6 feet) to anyone who is, please contact me right away and we will reschedule you.

Other precautions I am taking:

  • I am wiping down all hard touch surfaces after every client in my office with an alcohol based cleaner with additional antiviral essential oils that exceeds the CDC recommendations.

  • I also use this cleaner on my hands throughout our sessions and wash my hands in the restroom in between each client.

  • I am providing some hand sanitizer at the door and on my desk for client use.

  • While I enjoy hugs, we can do other forms of greeting & connection like foot bumps, prayer hands and a Namasté, or the Star Trek Vulcan “live long and prosper” greeting – I can only do that with my left hand for some reason.

  • I regularly open my balcony door to let fresh air in the office – love the view of all the flowering things this time of year too!

  • These extra precautions may add time in between clients, so your patience is appreciated.

These are some of my favorite things! And saved my life when I had Swine Flu in 2009!

  • These teas are a lifesaver and have kept me well or fought off respiratory  & allergy issues for years. I take 2000 mg of a Vitamin C/Multi-vitamin power every day, even when not under the weather. If I start to have symptoms, I up this to 3-4000 mg.

  • Plus I'm now adding D3 to help support my respiratory system and the absorbsion of the other vitamins and minerals.

  • The Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid is absolutely amazing and recommended by my acupuncturist. It comes in pill form too but since he recommends 9 pills 3 times a day when ill, this is much easier to swallow. I take a couple dropperfuls of this twice a day to boost my immune system. More if I start to have any symptoms.

  • Steam inhalations with essential oils twice a day of Tea Tree (Melaleuca officianalis), Lavendar, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus are my go to for fighting off respiratory and allergy congestion. Its an old folk remedy that really works.

  • Heat up some water in a teapot until boiling, pour into a big metal bowl.

  • Add 1-3 drops of each oil and swish

  • Put a towel over your head and the bowl, securing any gaps.

  • Breath the steam for 5-10 minutes, taking breaks as needed.

  • Breath through your nose and mouth alternately to get the oil droplets into your respiratory system.

  • Have a box of tissues nearby. You'll need it.

  • This is also a great herbal facial to open your pores and sweat out toxins!

  • Regular bodywork, massage, exercise, acupuncture, & homeopathic remedies

Not pictured but so effective if you have access:

  • Hot epsom salt baths with these same essential oils

  • Saunas (infrared or hot rocks with steam)

  • Meditation in nature (reduces stress hormones that decrease immune response, thereby increasing immunity - seriously, its science.)

  • Regularly unplug from constant bombardment of news and social media

  • Snuggle with critter kids & healthy loved ones (increases seratonin and oxytocin, which also boost the immune system. More science!)

Sadly, my classes at Vancouver Yoga Center are cancelled for at least 2 weeks. It was a difficult decision but we thought it best. I continue to see clients at my Blissed Bodywork office and the building management is also taking precautions to sanitize doors and handrails in the building. If at some point, the CDC or WA Department of Health or the governor declares that we must stop non-essential health care, then I will reassess at that time. Until then, please continue to support myself and other small businesses if you are well. A complete shut-down of commerce with quarantines (mandatory or self-imposed) has the potential to destroy many small businesses in the community, such as mine, as well as overload community health systems. The situation seems to be changing daily, so please check websites for updates and I will check in individually with all clients the night before or morning of appointments if there is doubt. Feel free to contact me on my cell via text if you need to reschedule or have questions or concerns. Above all, please fact check, be mindful of hand-washing and good hygiene, make educated and conscious decisions, practice meditating & regularly unplugging from media to limit fear and anxiety, look out for your friends, family, & neighbors, and please stay healthy, well, and wise. We shall get through this together. Brightest Blissed Blessings, Bhrigha

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